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Research has shown that the growth of union jobs correlates to higher wages, better quality of work life and improved industry standards for workers in general. Unionization in the workplace can reduce pressurized, unsafe work conditions and increase management transparency and accountability to the workforce.

If you or anyone you know, wants to have more fairness and equity in pay, clarity around job structure and promotions, better benefits and work conditions, it is important then, to organize and unionize your workplace.

Unionization is not a call for militancy or to encourage contempt for management and corporations. It is in fact, a way to work towards a harmonious work environment, free from stress, strife and unsafe work conditions. It is born from necessity and is a call for self-empowerment and worker empowerment.

Let us create a better tomorrow for ourselves, our families and our friends.

Please email our DL78 organizer Rootisha Rampat at rrampat@iamdl78.org if you have any leads and if you would wish to unionize your workplace.

Image credits – Clay Banks