Easter Egg Hunt held at Centennial Park Ski Chalet was a great success.

Kudos to the Social committee for organizing such a fun event!

In the words of our Vice President Sister Nesha Ramdeen, who did such a commendable job putting together this event she says, ” I want to thank my family, friends and volunteers, who stepped forward and worked hard to make sure that everyone had a blast. It gave me great joy and it was an honour to put together something to show our appreciation for our Brothers and Sisters and their families from Spectrum Healthcare. The spirit of camaraderie and enthusiasm displayed, showed us that we are a great team, not only at work, but also at play. Working and having fun together is what makes us a strong and cohesive union family.”

Going forward we hope to have many such events and we hope that our colleagues will participate in greater numbers.


Some participants and Union members